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Reduce the chance of having Alzheimer’s disease

We can’t remember anything…. 

Amnesia is a condition that can occur with people of all genders and ages. However, if amnesia occurs in such a great extent that it interferes with daily life, it may be a sign of the disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease caused by deteriorating brain conditions that result in memory loss, as well as the loss of other sensory functions of the nervous and brain system.

Can Alzheimer’s happen to everyone? The answer is “No.” The brain typically starts to deteriorate from the age of 40, but Alzheimer’s symptoms with neurological and brain loss that can cause a fading memory will be more apparent at the age of 70 or more, which can happen to anyone. However, not everyone will reach the stage of Alzheimer’s. For example, a 35-year-old woman who starts to forget the house keys, forget to pick up essentials, forgetto turn off the lights, does she have a chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, she does. Because this is exactly the early symptom of Alzheimer’s – starting to forget the little things, but important things, e.g. forget what to buy even after having arrived at the store, forget the grandson’s name even he comes to visit every year. There are many factors that cause Alzheimer’s. One of them is heredity. If one is tested and found to be at risk of inherited Alzheimer’s disease, this can be prevented before it actually happens. This test is called “Apolipoprotein E” testing or a genetic testing to detect “Amnesia” which is different from a brain scan. A brain scan will not be able to find any abnormalities, but this particular blood test will be able to provide the risk results within 30 days. Read more about ApoE genetic test

If found to be at risk, we can start to take care of ourselves by changing some behaviors as follows.

  • Always reading books, any types of books.
  • Keep playing games or regularly practicing calculations.
  • Try to interact with people, it would be great if these people are not relatives.
  • Try to learn or practice a foreign language that has never learned before.
  • These methods of training the brain to remember and analyze can reduce the chance of having Amnesia that might lead to Alzheimer’s disease. You don’t have to train to be proficient; regular practicing would be just enough.

Are you worried that family members or close ones are at risk of having dementia?
If yes, you can contact us for a dementia risk assessment here.

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