Lab and Process Uniqueness


Cryoviva Laboratory


Laboratory Specialist

Laboratory Specialist Consultant Doctor

Dr. Supachai Ekwattanakit

Medical Director

Dr. Arkhom Saingam

Lab Director

Dr. Ornnuthchar Poungpair

Technical and Quality Assurance Manager

Dr. Mayank Vats

Lab Manager

Dr. Kusuma Kunavongkrit

Rehabilitation medicine specialist

Chief Executive Officer of Better Being Hospital

Dr. Siritira Srichantapong

Anti-aging medicine specialist

Medical Director at La Vie Detox and Wellness Center

Collection Processing Storage Distribution Service Consultant

Temperature Control Regulated under the requirements of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BLOOD BANK (AABB) for vitality of STEM CELLS.

Sterilization Control From the collection procedure in the delivery room to the cell storage room.

Identification System with PRIMARY ID BAR CODE To prevent mistakes for the recipients who will use them.




Cryoviva Laboratory Laboratory certified by the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BLOOD BANK (AABB) standards in both cell storage and cell cultures.

Equipment and Reagents Used in the testing and culturing processes of stem cells are of the CLINICAL GRADE, which is the highest quality standard.

Stem Cell Culture Technology Certified by the international standard from the United States.

Reagent for Preservation of Cell viability Certified by the production standards of US GMP and the USFDA.

Monitoring system For detecting disease, virus and complete cell quality.






Stem Cell Storage Tank Preserve stem cell quality for up to 20 days even in emergency situations such as power outage or problems with the liquid nitrogen pipeline. The tank can be immediately moved outside the building for safety purposes during an emergency.

Storage Location In a high altitude area to avoid flooding with multiple security protection systems.

Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Filling System

Installation of 24/7 Automatic Alarm System All equipment and instruments in our laboratory have been installed with the automatic alarm system to support timely troubleshooting in the events of emergency situations.





Temperature & Time Control The equipment, collection kit and storage bags used to store stem cells have been approved for storing and transporting blood samples according to the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) standards.

Packaging is certified to THE IATA (INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION) standards and is environmentally friendly.



Our team of specialists and staff are ready to serve At Cryoviva, we are collecting of cord blood, cord tissue, amnion tissue and adipose tissue and transporting them to the laboratory for our Cryoviva families throughout the country 24/7.

We can promptly transport blood samples for use in overseas hospitals

Stem cell procurement service with the same standard for all members. When necessary, we can source from Cryoviva network in more than 20 countries around the world such as Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and the United States, etc.




Our specialized experts with more than 10 years of experience are ready to provide consultation for Cryoviva family.

Referral service for doctor, hospital and specialty medical facility for the Cryoviva family.

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