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Our bodies are loaded with “stem cells.” With the modern stem cell technology today, expectant mothers are able to store stem cells from cord blood, cord tissue, and amnion tissue of their newborns for the benefit of using them as a standard treatments of over 85 severe diseases as well as in age-related degeneration supported by extensive research in medicine.

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Cord Blood (CB)

Miracle of the umbilical cord

Cord blood stem cells are the major source of “hematopoietic stem cells” that are used to restore blood cells and the immune system for patients after their immune systems are compromised due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The stem cells are transplanted into the patient through the vein and then transferred to the bone marrow.Stem cells will reproduce itself to restore new healthy blood cells for patient back to the normal levels and immune systems.

How Are Stem Cells Collected?

When parents collect their baby’s cord blood

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord is the link between the mother and the unborn child. After delivery, this part of the umbilical cord will be thrown away that lose the opportunity to preserve the most valuable stem cells where the tissues perfectly matched with the child’s. Stem cells collection from the umbilical cord blood is, therefore, the assurance that you will have as a life support for your child when, by chance, your child or his/her sibling develops a disease which requires stem cell transplantation. The banking of cord blood stem cells will be even more necessary if your family has a history of certain illnesses or a multi-ethnic background. 

The process of cord blood collection

Worry free on the cord blood collection process.

The cord blood collection process has no risk or danger. This will not hurt the mother or her baby because the cord blood is collected after the baby is delivered, when the umbilical cord is already tied and cut.

Can be used by many people in the family

The preserved stem cells are perfectly compatible with the child who owns that umbilical cord blood. There is also a 1 out of 4 chance that the tissues will be perfectly compatible with the siblings of the child.

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Cord Tissue (CT)

Miracle of umbilical cord tissue

The scientific research revealed the discovery of a new type of stem cells called “Mesenchymal Stem Cells” or “MSCs,” which have a high potential to divide and develop into different types of cells that originate from Mesenchymal cells such as fat, cartilage, bone, muscle making them suitable for adult treatment in regenerative medicine.


Currently, clinical trials are being conducted on the potential of Mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of various diseases as  follows:

• Osteoarthritis
• Critical Limb Ischemia
• Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
• Graft Versus Host Disease
• Crohn’s Disease
• Diabetes
• Multiple Sclerosis

Distinctive features of mesenchymal stem cells are as follows:

These’s mesenchymal stem cells are found in umbilical cord tissue. that can be stored and frozen for future treatment as well as we store stem cells from your child’s umbilical cord blood to provide assurance for an unpredictable future.

“Parents can take this only once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
for their baby and family by preserving stem cells from umbilical cord tissue
together with stem cells from umbilical cord blood.”

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Amnion Tissue (AT)

Amnion is a rich source of two types of stem cells: Epithelial Stem Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Stem cells derived from amnion have specific ability to transform into any type of tissue cells.

Studies have found that not only can the stem cells from amnion evolve into bone, cartilage and fat cells, but they also have the ability to transform well into cells of the brain and nervous system, including cells of the liver, kidney, and heart as well. The clinical studies have shown good results in the treatments of brain and nervous system disorders, such as stroke, brain and spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, stem cells cultured from amnion tissue can be effectively used for treatment, repair, and restoration of different parts of the patient’s body that deteriorate or impair. It is also one of the best neurological treatment options in the future as well.

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Adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (ADSC)

Fat in our body is another important source of stem cells that the pregnant mother can collect during operation, along with the collection of blood cord and cord tissue. A non-pregnant female or male can also collect and store them as well. This source of fat can be used only by the stem cells owner. The one-time collection can be stored for multiple uses. 

Examples of rejuvenation and treatment by using adipose-derived stem cells currently being studied   

  • Anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, firming skin
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Restoration from osteoarthritis (low synovial fluid causing knee arthritis)
  • Replenishment and restoration of the body from deterioration
  • Restoration of the body from fatigue

The source of the cells

Please contact one of our specialists for further information. And let us help you plan according to your needs. Contact us!

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