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Cryoviva Office
Address: 75/66,67 Ocean Tower 2,41 Floor,
Sukhumvit 19, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: +662 661 7520
: +662 203 6982
Phone: +669 8661 4156

Cryoviva Head Office/Laboratory
Address: 35/8 Village No.4 Sub-district Khunkeaw
District Nakornchaisri Nakornpathom Province 73120

Tel: +663 4312 160
Fax: +663 4312 162

Human Resource
Tel: +662 661 6661 #654

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“CRYOVIVA,” the leader in global standard  stem cell innovation.
live for the quality of life for everyone in the family.
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    Head Office/Laboratory

    Once collected, can they be used for real?

    There is little chance of use after collection.

    After the collection, the number of stem cells may not be enough for transplantation.

    Is the price expensive?

    The Nifty test result is normal, do I have to collect it? (NIFTY: Non-Invasive Fetal Trisomy Test)

    If I were ill and needed to use stem cells in the future, could I find donated stem cells then?

    If I don’t have a child, can I collect stem cells?

    I collected stem cells in my first pregnancy, should I collect them again in the second pregnancy?

    What are the difference between investment in health insurance and investment in stem cells?