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15 things that pregnant women should know

Being a mother requires a multitude of responsibilities particularly during the pregnancy period. These responsibilities ensure that the baby will be born healthy. Expecting mothers should be prepared and take good care of their own health and nutrition. A consultation with a trusted stem cell bank about the umbilical cord blood stem cell collection for the future benefits of the baby’s health should be planned.

What should future mothers know?

1. Schedule an appointment with an obstetrician immediately after finding out you are pregnant.

2. Be sure to maintain the five good groups, especially protein, calcium, and iron in the first trimester. All ingredients must be cooked well and you should avoid any rare or medium food. You should drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water per day and reduce caffeine intake. Alcoholic drinks, smoking or addictive substances are forbidden, as it will harm the baby’s growth, slow the baby’s development and may lead to premature birth and miscarriage.

3. Try to sleep for at least 10 hours per day. Sexual activities are permissible in months 3 – 6 but they should be avoided in the last trimester prior to the labor and delivery.

4. Be careful of taking any medications during pregnancy, particularly in the first three months. This is the stage where the baby develops his/her organs and nervous system. It is advised to consult with a doctor before you take any medications including home remedies, painkillers, fever reducers, allergy, or acne medications.

5. Some light to moderate exercises e.g. walking or yoga is recommended but you should try not to excessively exercise or continue for longer than 30 minutes per session.

6. You should avoid flat shoes and wear comfortable clothes that will let you move easily. Teeth whitening and hair dying, straightening, or curling is not recommended due to chemicals that may be harmful to the body and baby.

7. If you are more than 20-week pregnant, you should not stand or walk for a long time as it may lead to swollen leg or foot, varicose vein, back pain, and knee osteoarthritis.

8. You should not have steam baths or sessions in a sauna because the heat of the steam will dehydrate essential water and minerals in the body. Such activities can result in slow blood circulation and transmission to the baby, which consequently affect the growth of the baby or miscarriage.

9. If you have a cat or dog at home, please do not clean the excrement by yourself to reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis that will lead to any disorders or death in the baby.

10. You should try to remain calm and positive despite the changes of hormones and worries from pregnancy.

11. You should spend less and consider a saving scheme as these will benefit the baby later.

12. Consult with an insurance provider regarding health insurance for both the mothers and baby.

13. If you are a pregnant mother under the age of 20 years old or older than 35 years old, or having other health complications, you should take additional testing throughout your pregnancy. It is time for future mothers and fathers to take good care of their babies. This may be worrisome but it is manageable and important for the baby’s health and development.

14. Prenatal screening tests
– Preeclampsia is a severe complication during pregnancy that will affect both the mother’s and baby’s health. If you take a screening test, it will evaluate potential preeclampsia so that the obstetrician will be able to predict and treat the condition more effectively, to reduce any complications to the mother and baby. Read more about Preeclampsia screening test
– Non-Invasive Fetal Trisomy Test (NIFTY) is conducted by a sample of the mother’s blood to analyze the risk of Down syndrome or any disorders caused by chromosome abnormalities. This test is a new alternative for pregnant mothers to screen potential chromosome abnormalities in the baby, which helps relieve their worries and allows them to make a plan before the labor and delivery takes place, for a strong and healthy baby.

15. You should learn more about the baby’s health conditions to properly prepare for any potential health complications that may occur. An innovation such as stem cell collection at a trusted, ethical and stable stem cell bank with international standards will highly benefit the baby in the future.

– The human body is full of stem cells or embryonic cells. As a result of medical innovation, expecting mothers can collect cord blood, cord tissues, and placenta tissues that are wrapped around the baby and used them as treatments for more than 85 severe diseases and as degenerative body repairs for anyone in the family.

Stem cells can guarantee a more stable future in light of the health complications that may happen to the baby.

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