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Why should stem cell collection with Cryoviva be chosen?

Cryoviva is the innovative leader that implements international standards and new progress to its stem cell collection. 

The services include cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta collection from a newborn. Cryoviva also applies Adipose stem cell or stem cell-derived from fat that can be collected from abdominal fat during pregnancy for future health and beauty benefits to pregnant mothers and their family members. 

Many parents have trusted in Cryoviva standards and its stem cell collection, testing and examination, separation, freezing, labelling, packaging, and delivery, following Cryoviva’s ethics of belief that a product must be utilized safely and accurately. 

All Cryoviva families are confident that Cryoviva’s stem cell products are safely stored and applied to themselves or direct-line family members only. This is guaranteed with an accuracy of labeling, the clear and non-contaminated stem cells, the non-modification of the cells, and the non-disturbance of the cells’ development process.

6 reasons why stem cells should be collected by Cryoviva 

1. Cryoviva is the first and only stem cell banking in Thailand certified by the American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) in stem cell collection and culture. Customers in Thailand and other countries have trusted Cyoviva to take care of their health and plan for their future for longer than 14 years.

2. Cryoviva’s standards are guaranteed internationally with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which is widely accepted and reliable in many countries around the world.

3. Cryoviva was awarded the Quality Choice Prize 2019 by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) in Germany for its quality improvement and ethical performance. This is to ensure that the collected stem cells are stored under the highest standards. Only Cryoviva’s families can self-access and follow-up with their stem cells using the given personal barcode.

4. Cryoviva is an entity of the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT), the world-leading organization focusing on cell therapy, whose scientific data translation has led to an advanced innovation in treatments. ISCT members are located across the globe with personnel, initiative leaders, and organizations with a purpose to apply cells in disease treatments.

5. Cryoviva’s laboratories are operated by experts and specialized teams to guarantee that the stem cells collected from Cryoviva’s families are well-managed, safe, and efficient for future use.

6. With an extensive network in over 20 countries, Cryoviva can find stem cells under the same standards for customers in case of emergency incidents. This proves its proficiency and capacity in a worldwide service offering, funded by a world-class petrochemical company, Indorama Ventures in Thailand.

At Cryoviva, the management team acts as a caring mother and operates the company with ethics and visions aiming to become a leading stem cell banking in Asia. For over 14 years of trust in the quality, Cryoviva will continue to improve its services and products for the health of pregnant mothers’ newborn but also for a better quality of life and rejuvenation.

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